About the Program

Why does nyc need local energy generation?

NYC alone consumes more than half of the power generated in New York State. The limitations in current technology and infrastructure mean that most of this power is transferred in from upstate (a costly and inefficient process), or generated by petroleum and natural gas plants within city limits, which dump toxins into our air and threaten public health.

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About the NYS community solar Program

In 2017, the NYS Public Service Commission issued a new program called VDER, which increased the value of energy exported by decentralized generators, like community solar systems. With this new program, and additional incentives provided by New York City, installing community solar has become a profitable opportunity for property owners and a major driver for the transition to a clean grid.


Great for Business

Community solar’s strong economic proposition allows local businesses to benefit from the clean energy transition.


Great for Residents

Local, renewable generation is more efficient and resilient, and protects the community against locally-polluting power plants.